Design Contest Data Set Downloads

This page contains links to download the data files. See the Data Description page for information on how to interpret the files and what they mean.

Input Volume Data

The initial "input mesh" file that describes the geography and contains information about the basins can be found in TS21VelocityMesh_VS_R2.bin. A Tcl/VTK script to convert it to VTK format can be found in vtk_read_and_convert_VS.tcl.

Output Volume Wave Data Over Time

The three components (x,y, and z) of a single time-step at T=80 seconds can be found in TS21z_X_R2_008000.bin, TS21z_Y_R2_008000.bin and TS21z_Z_R2_008000.bin. Tcl/Tk scripts are available to convert the x channel to VTK format (vtk_read_and_convert_x.tcl) and to launch a slice viewer to display it (vtk_read_and_display_x.tcl). Have a look at the Data Description page for an example of what the resulting display should look like.

Download Data: Data can be downloaded from following locations

  • SDSC Cloud : You can easily download all data by using wget as follows
    % wget -r -nH --no-parent --cut-dirs=2
    % wget -r -nH --no-parent --cut-dirs=2
  • Kitware Server


Two additional data sets are available in case they are useful. They are a map of the California border (shown in blue in the three sample images) and a map of California highways.